before & after school program (60M & up) childcare CALGARY

About Our Before & After School Program (60 M & up)


We provide a Before & After School Program that promotes positive and strong relationships with peers and adults. 

Here children will enhance social communication, leadership skills, and gain independence through guidance. 

After school programs make children less vulnerable to other 

non-school activities that could be inappropriate or dangerous.


Have your child’s free time filled in with educational and recreational activities. 

Our after school program helps them develop more valuable skills. 

Children in our program are also given time to complete their homework and

 teachers are available to assist with any questions they may have.

Transportation to/from schools provided


Let your child step forward in acquiring the four vital skills 

(speaking, writing, listening and reading) 

while having fun learning with other children.

 In addition to these skills, it is important for children to be social 

and be able to adapt to various different situations.

 It is their innate nature to be curious and playful. 

We encourage that curiosity in a safe and fun environment. 

Come explore with us.


  •  We have qualified and experienced teachers.
  • We provide care from ages 3 months to Pre-K, as well as after school care for local elementary school students.
  • We provide a cultural and diverse learning atmosphere.
  • We provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • We offer after school pick up.
  • We work with neighbouring schools and kindergartens.