About our Kindergarten Program (48m -60m)

Our enriched and creative Kindergarten program provides the necessary foundation your child will need to succeed in school. 

Our curriculum helps children develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and assists

them in developing knowledge base, attention span and effective communication skills for future educational experiences. 

Daily activities focus on reinforcing kindergarten skills through all areas of the curriculum. 

Transportation to/from schools provided Edgemont Kindergarten in Calgary


We believe that children are active participants in their 

learning process and develop the desire and motivation

 to explore, learn, and achieve when they are 

frequently encouraged and praised.

We recognize each child's individual learning style 

and are dedicated to helping children find, 

use, and strengthen their unique interests, skills, and talents.

We value play as an integral part in children's learning and offer an environment that fosters curiosity and creativity through play.

We recognize the vital role that parents play in the development 

of their child and encourage parents to actively 

engage in their child's learning experience.


Our play-based, experiential programs develop 

capacities for creative thinking and problem solving 

through exploratory play and guided activities. 

Our aesthetically rich classrooms are furnished with simple, 

natural materials that allow the children to 

build imaginative scenarios and maximize their creative capacities. 

Children participate in outdoor play and seasonal crafts that support self-regulation, physical development, and healthy social interaction, laying a strong foundation for later academic success. 

Emphasis is placed on the development of requisite skills and 

capacities that promote readiness for first grade.