toddlers (19M -36M) Toddler care in Calgary

About Our Toddler Program (19m-36m)

Our Toddler Program uses hands-on exploration and social interaction in safe, engaging surroundings 

to help your child learn about his or her expanding world. 

Through the loving guidance of our teachers, toddlers enjoy learning experiences

 that promote their blossoming independence and social skills, and foster self-confidence. 

Toddlers are filled with energy and increasing independence. 

They are developing quickly and are eager for knowledge and understanding of the world around them. 

Our program provides structure and guidance for your child to learn to share, get along with others and perform classroom tasks. 

Language and vocabulary skills are strengthened while listening to stories, singing songs, and playing games. 

Art projects and gross motor activities help to develop movement and sensory skills.


Your Toddler’s Day


Our Toddler Program is designed around shared learning experiences that stimulate and challenge your child each and every day. 

The structure of a typical day in the life of your toddler can include: 

Group activities - Exploring books and singing songs.

Teacher-initiated activities - Like art or music and story time. 

Child-directed activities - Participating in our Learning Centers. 

Lunch and naptime - To nourish and rest your child’s growing mind and body. 

Outdoor play - At least twice daily to burn off energy and develop motor skills.


For toddlers we provide consistent daily schedules with an emphasis 

on social and self-help skills such as toilet training, 

which we encourage and support as children become ready. 

We are ready to embrace this exciting age with child-sized furniture 

to allow them to safely explore every inch of their environment. 

Our teachers utilize guided activities each day and promote 

free choice among various activities in the classroom. 

We provide three meals daily; a nutritious morning and 

afternoon snack and a hot, well-balanced lunch. 

They enjoy two scheduled outside times daily, weather permitting. 

We provide each child with a rest mat and fresh linens 

for a two-hour daily rest time after lunch. 

The children are always welcome to bring their own 

special blanket and sleep comfort items from home. 

Each day you will receive a written daily report, specific to your child, that contains information on his or her food intake, diaper changes, naps 

and general daily behaviour.


We promote all areas of development in the following ways:

Physical Development

 Large motor - encouraging movement through a variety of activities both indoors and out such as climbing, running, jumping, swinging, playing ball and other group activities.

Small motor - activities that encourage hand eye coordination such as stringing beads, cutting, pasting, and block building.

 Balance - provide creative movements, obstacles and group 

activities that encourage balance.

 Eye-hand coordination - encourage children to use toys, books, and tools.

Social Development

 Independence - providing choices, encouraging 

self motivation, and self help skills.

 Self Esteem - positive reinforcement and encouraging self-exploration through sharing of feelings, stories, and dramatic play.

 Behavioural skills - We will encourage good habits 

while discouraging bad ones.

 Basic Routine - We will work on following the same pattern on a daily basis.

Intellectual Development

 Language - encouraging speech, show & tell, story telling and reading.

 Cognitive - exploring shapes, colors, books, puzzles, and matching games.

 Creative - music activities, art and dramatic play.

 Personal Growth - identify basic body parts and what each can do

 Reading Readiness - encourage eye movement from left to right.