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Kids enjoying our child care program in North West Calgary


EDGEMONT CHILDCARE CENTRE sees to it that the needs of your infant are met and exceeded in our infant care program. We ensure that your child will be safe and sound with one of our loving infant teachers. Our rooms are designed to ensure safety each child. Our program’s main focus is to provide safe and loving care for infants, we also believe that we can never be too early in building skills. Playtime enhances sensory development through sight and touch as well as hand-eye coordination and motor skills. We encourage sound mimicking, song and recitation to improve language development and cognition.

  • Circle time includes singing and storytime
  • Nap time
  • Language Development
  • Hand-eye Coordination
  • Exercise
  • Sight and Touch Sensory Development
  • Play Time


Toddlers tend to be very active and bursting with curiosity. It is our responsibility to give them a safe and secure environment to explore their curiosity while obtaining the best education. Here at EDGEMONT CHILDCARE CENTRE, we support your child’s beginning steps for growth and development by providing age-appropriate materials and wide-ranging experiences to help them understand their surroundings. They are constantly exploring shapes, size, movements, symbols and sounds. Parents can also benefit from our tips and guidelines about how to enhance cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, and much more. Above all, the most important thing we can give our children is to provide them with trust, care and love. Be part of our fun and interactive Toddler Program!


Here at EDGEMONT CHILDCARE CENTRE we have imaginative and creative teachers who have specialized training in early childhood education. Your child will never be bored and will never go home without learning something. We provide a large variety of fun and exciting activities each and every day. Amidst all the games and fun learning, we provide a safe and nurturing environment. We also strive to develop social skills and self-esteem. Our teachers are experts at guiding young children through the changing emotions that that they face each day. Lots of fun and learning await your child! 


EDGEMONT CHILDCARE CENTRE provides an enriched and creative Kindergarten program with  the necessary foundation your child will need to succeed in school. 

Our curriculum helps children develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and assists them in developing knowledge base, attention span and effective communication skills for future educational experiences. Daily activities focus on reinforcing kindergarten skills through all areas of the curriculum. 

Transportation to/from schools provided


EDGEMONT CHILDCARE CENTRE provides a Before & After School Program that promotes positive and strong relationships with peers and adults. Here children will enhance social communication, leadership skills, and gain independence through guidance. After school programs make children less vulnerable to other non-school activities that could be inappropriate or dangerous. Have your child’s free time filled in with educational and recreational activities. Our after school program helps them develop more valuable skills. Children in our program are also given time to complete their homework and teachers are available to assist with any questions they may have.

Transportation to/from schools provided